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Cedric Waldburger - Why Education Is the Killer App for Blockchain Technology

September 19, 2018

Cedric Waldburger speaks about being part of the team that later became Dfinity, leading growth at the company, why education might be the killer app for blockchain technology, his motivation and approach to storytelling, differences between Dfinity and other blockchain startups, starting his first company at age fourteen, why mentors are so important, measuring his life in quarters, productivity tools for entrepreneur, his investment theses, why he doesn't normally invest in ICOs, investing for learning, different types of blockchain entrepreneurs, why he finds the blockchain space so fascinating, how he makes better decision, why he likes simple questions that don't have simple answers, owning only 64 things, minimalism vs. consumerism, growing up in Switzerland, building "the blockchain state", what blockchain technology could do for the world, misunderstandings about blockchain technology, and what he's still learning as an entrepreneur.

Cedric holds a master in computer science, and he is a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, investor and blockchain enthusiast since 2012. He co-founded DFINITY – a blockchain startup backed by Andreesen Horowitz – and eight other high-tech companies in Europe and the US. He also has a video blog where he documents his experiences and travels and he produces the video series Inside Dfinity.

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