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Daniel Doll-Steinberg - How Blockchain Technology Redefines Entrepreneurship

August 6, 2018

Daniel Doll-Steinberg speaks about how blockchain technology has changed entrepreneurship, London and Switzerland as blockchain hubs, the race of territories to become blockchain epicenters, advising companies to use blockchain technology, hedging legal risk in ICOs, assessing founding teams of ICOs, characteristics of successful blockchain entrepreneurs, misunderstandings of established industries of blockchain technology, the Atari Token, and much more.

Daniel is the CEO of Blockchain Smokers, where he helps companies embrace blockchain technology to achieve growth. He is a former banker in London and New York, and a founder and co-founder of several companies, including the Atari Token, and he is also an active investor and mentor to technology companies. 

Daniel Doll-Steinberg:

Blockchain Smokers: https://blockchainsmoker.com

Article about the Atari Token:

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