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Joe Lubin - The Future is Decentralized, and Why Decision-Making is a “Big, Fuzzy, Hairy, and Messy Thing”

July 9, 2018

Joe Lubin speaks about his vision for a decentralized world and the role Ethereum and ConsenSys play in it, what most people misunderstand about Ethereum, why it is hard to imagine what blockchain technology will do for us in 2025, why silos are coming to an end, how hierarchy and decentralization go together, what the blockchain space needs to become more trustworthy, which skills are relevant in the decentralized future, and what he would be doing if Ethereum and ConsenSys didn't exist. 

Joe is the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys, which is "a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world." 

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